Thursday, March 10, 2011

Standard Bearer

Nearly but not quite finished, this will be the standard bearer for one of my Empire units - in this case the Nordland Mariners. Needs the banner applied (I've already designed and printed it), washes done on the blue, brown and white parts and the base finished with sand and flock etc.

Note the pistol. I'm trying to make my Empire forces as gunpowder orientated as possible. Why? Because making things go "BANG" is way cool.


Anonymous said...

Great shading, and great freehand on the banner

Paul´s Bods said...

Another good n´.
I have recently stated liking the idea of things that go other reason for getting perrys war of the roses bods...more bits that go BANG!!! :-D

peter said...

I really like these kind of figures. Makes me considering to paint a few of these myself, if I find some in the future.

Great painted figure again Chris :-D

Monty said...

Looking good, lovely detail... I don't usually bother with WH stuff, but a mate gave be a couple of Ork sprues and since painting a couple have 'got the bug' myself...:)

All the best,

Hendrid said...

Very nice, like the 'differant' standard. Empire and bang go together like ..... empire-bang!

Good stuff.