Saturday, March 19, 2011

Skaven Work in Progress

I thought I’d post some work in progress shots of my newly acquired extra Island of Blood Skaven. Rather than having repeats of the character figures, I decided they’d need modification so I have been busy with the craft knife and spares box.

First up my modified Warplock Engineer and the Doooooom Rocket (of Doom). The head was swapped out for one leftover from the Doomwheel and the glaive swapped for a packmaster’s electrozap prod.

Next up a couple of claw leaders for the clan rats.

My modified packmaster. The arms with the whip and the bell came from the Empire Flagellants set, but they seemed rather appropriate.

And the rat ogres themselves. They’re the least finished of any of these and badly in need of washing/highlighting. For the first one I added the spear, and the second got an extra head and some extra claws.

Finally, I modified the warlord to become my Skaven army Battle Standard Bearer. I figured that a large bell would make a great Skaven “battle standard”, although it does seem a little fragile, hence the GS reinforcement.


Anonymous said...

They look excellent Chris, and the rocket is wonderful :) Wish they would use this much fantasy in 1:72 scale modeling.

west1871 said...

Some excellent paint work on show mate.very bike mice from mars!!!

Cheers Rich.

Paul´s Bods said...

Bloody hell mate...they look great!!! I agree with maurice...more like this in 1772nd scale...will never happen though.

peter said...

Reminds me on some old comic books when I was a bit younger ;-)

Excellent work Chris!