Monday, October 15, 2012

They came from the north

Out of the chaos wastes of the north - daemons. Some figures I've done recently for our Warhammer RPG gaming - these cover the most commonly encountered daemons. Not that any daemon is common and they're certainly not fun to confront.

First up, Father Nurgle's favourite children. I just love these figures, the faces are so full of mirth.

Blood, blood for the blood god etc etc. Kind of monotonous these Khorne Bloodletters. Gobs of blood added with a mix of red/public and then a large slathering of Tamiya Clear Red.

And last (and certainly not least) prancing accross the battlefield are these Daemonettes of Slaneesh. Blonde naturally as blondes have more fun. Like the Nurglings and the Bloodletters, their bases also have splashes of ... stuff, but it's pretty much impossible to see in the photo.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gameboards finished - at last!

And with a brief burst of energy, I finish the last of the game boards I started back in April. Well more or less anyway. I still need to fix the pond in the second picture but that's just a matter of some paint and varnish.

And one last bit of scenery is this signpost. Would you go left or right?
Also finished a couple of character figures, firstly a Necromancer (or should that be Necroromancer?)...
And a Beastmen Bray Shaman wearing his cloak made of the skins of his enemies...
Next up...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beastmen - No? Bestmen!!!

It had been far too long since I showed my Beastmen some love, so I recently finished a couple of units for them and thought I'd do an army photo shoot. Problem - it's too big to fit on the table. Instead, a series of photos as the Nasty Bug tribe emerges from the forests of the Drakwald to prey upon the unsuspecting village of Bludhof.

Centigors, Ungors and a Razorgor chariot...

Gargantua, some Chaos Warhounds and some Gors and Beastigors (the new units) in the background

More Gors, a Chaos Spawn and the Warlord, Beast Shaman and Battlestandard bearer...

A great many more Gors and the Minotaur herd of Bloodmane the Doombull...

Ungor raiders move among the trees, planning an ambush...

Sunday, August 19, 2012


From out of the deep dark forests of the Drakwald emerges Gargantua to fight alongside the beastmen.

The axe comes from a Bloodthirster (I think) and is metal and makes it somewhat unstable.

I'm reasonably pleased with the job I did on the hooves at least.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

High Elf Cavalry

Following on from my last post, some other stuff I've been working on and a contrast in styles.

High Elf cavalry comes in three flavours - The Elyrian Reavers (fast cavalry), The Silverhelms (normal cavalry) and The Dragon Princes (elite cavalry).

Both the Reavers and the Dragon Princes have had new figures in the past 3 years and they're fantastic - albiet highly detailed and a PITA to paint. The Silverhelms date back to 1999 and are very ordinary.

And so...

The Elyrian Reavers


And Dragon Princes

More tomorrow...

3 months! Must be time for an update

Yes update time. I kind of abandoned this blog for a bit as Blogger was being "difficult" in linking to pictures hosted at Photobucket.

But it all seems to be working now, so time for some updates and with three months to catch up on, that means there's a few of them.

First up, some Greenskins. I picked up a (very cheap) second hand copy of "Battle for Skull Pass" and some other second hand Orcs too. I'm not collecting an army of them, I've really only got them for use in our Warhammer RPG sessions.

To start, here's Grumlock and his Gobbo shaman Gazbag. Came free with the Collectors Edition of Warhammer Online. A very heavy figure it is too.

Various Night Goblins...

A troll...

Various Orcs...

And some Spider Riders...

I'll post another update either later today or tomorrow, still go heaps to go...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yet more scenery

The sun came out and so I have been able to take some more progress pictures with the scenery I've been doing over the past month or so.

Perhaps that should that be Morr scenery. First I finished the Garden of Morr which is an excellent bit of kit although I have no idea how you're supposed to fight inside that  area...

and then felt inspired enough to do a whole bunch more.

A Temple of Skulls...

plus the Citadel trees...

and some generic trees...

Which pretty much concludes the scenery parts of my modelling for this year although I may finish off one or two more items.

Back to figures, High Elves or Beastmen I think.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wow, it's been a while since I posted anything on here. Not by choice mind you, but blogger seems to be playing silly buggers with images hosted at Photobucket.

Anyhoos, here's what I've been up to lately. I won a set of home-made game boards on Trademe (NZ's version of e(vil)-bay) for NZ$50. Total bargain, especially as it also included a Fortified Manor, Arcane Ruins, the Citadel Woods and two sets of the the walls and fences which alone are about NZ$320. All I had to do was a 500km round trip (to Kerikeri) to pick them up, so two weekends ago I made the trip.

And here's what the boards I won looked like. Not too bad I suppose. Each of the six segments is about 60 x 80cm (2 foor x 3 foot).

However green paint really doesn't agree with me for the plains of Nordland, so with the aid of a lot of brown acrylic paint, some beach sand and a lot of flock I've been turning them into this:

I have just finished the fourth board which is enough to cover 90% of my dining table, so I won't be able to fit more on there but I will finish the rest of them off to give me some variety in terrain.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The inevitable bodge up

I spent the past couple of days putting together a second Doooooom Wheel for my Skaven. This thing was on track to look real good. I had a new recipe for wood that looks excellent, the metal would be rusty, the bronze stained, the works. Last night I finally glued on the first wheel in the only way you possibly can assemble it. And here is the result.

Upside down back to front rats in the wheels. I can't remove the wheels without damaging the whole unit and even if I could, I couldn't then remove and reset the rats without further damage. So instead it'll have to take to the battlefield as a monument to my "duh reading the instructions upside down" moment.

Friday, February 17, 2012

High Elves - The Maiden Guard

I recently picked up these off Trademe for a quite reasonable price (I've seen people asking for over US$100 for the full set of 10)! These are a WIP, but late in the piece. I need to tidy up the robes, finish off the spears and a couple of other niggling things.

I do quite like the figures, but they are VERY small indeed, especially when placed besides other GW figures of a more recent make (eg Wood Elf way watchers).

On a completely different topic, one of the reasons why I haven't been able to take many pictures recently to put on this blog has been the dire summer weather here.

I took this pictures this afternoon to show just what it's been like.