Tuesday, March 29, 2011

High Elves

Many many months after I purchased the Island of Blood set, and I have finally painted some of the High Elves from it. I've had to do these quite differently from my usual style of "block paint and wash", elves are supposed to be cleaner than that - crap doesn't stick to elves. A bit of blue wash for the armour, some flesh wash for the flesh and gold bits and some pale grey wash for the white and that's about it. Still I am pretty pleased with the end results.

The figures themselves aren't staying with me as I'm not collecting elves. They're off to New York with a mate who is flying back there in 2 days time, a thank you gift in exchange for the one he bought with him. The rest of the elves from that set I'll also paint up and then put them on TradeMe (the NZ ebay).


Paul said...

Lovely work Mark.

Paul´s Bods said...

What!!? You´re not keeping them?. They look bloody great! I´m sure you could start a fantasy style army...

argos said...

Very clean. Very elf-like.
I'm impressed with how simple yet elegant you managed to get them.