Sunday, February 27, 2011

Progress? Well maybe

It's been a while since I posted anything new. Not because I have been slacking off mind you (yeah right), well OK I have somewhat. When the weather has been good enough to take photos I have been doing other things. And when it's turned crap again, well I have been painting (and playing Hearts of Iron III - curse you Paradox studios and your time consuming software).

However this afternoon was just right, so I took a couple of WIP shots of some figures I'm doing for my Warhammer Empire army. They're all incomplete in one way or another, but getting close enough to taste it.

First up a new Marksman (or unit champion) for one of my Riflemen squads. I'm aiming for 4 blocks of 20 of these. 84 shots per turn should really mess someones day up big time, and I should also be able to carry out bounding overwatch maneuvers with them.

Next we have the standard bearer for "The Great Guardians of Gausser". Theordoric Gausser is the Count of Nordland, and this guy is the standard bearer for a group of greatsworders (or Landsknechts) that are his bodyguard. They're only deployed when the battle is of critical important to Count Gausser. The banner was printed and then glued to the figure. The figure itself is pewter and has a very annoying tendency of toppling over, despite the counterweights I have glued to the insides of the base.

And here's one of the greatswords...

Next up, a watchman from Middenheim. They're known to our RPG group as the Elf Killers - although in fact they didn't kill our elf, just badly wound him. Either way, he runs from halbards these days.

Finally another unit champion (or Sargent in this case), this time for a Halbardier unit. I decided to go a little over the top with the head on this one. There can be no mistaking who the boss is in this unit. I figured maybe he was a knight who could no longer ride or something like that. Works for me anyway.


Al said...

That's some really nice painting mate, you have a particular knack of doing good faces:)

Paul´s Bods said...

Considering they aren´t totally finished they look good. I really like the standard bearer..that flg of yours look great.

Paul said...

I agree with Paul, they look great. Bloody nice banner!

Thanos said...

Your comments are very modest!!
''I decided to go a little over the top with the head on this one''.
If you wanted to add more, what else would you do?????
I am very happy that GW produces such nice figures (even though they are expensive)!!!
I like them very much!!!

peter said...

Been looking around on your blog after seeing these figures. And I must say you have a very nice collection, all very well painted.

Greetings Peter

Anonymous said...

You're getting better and better at this, these look really great :)