Sunday, January 9, 2011


A couple of months back I bought The Isle of Blood, with which hopefully one of these days very soon I'll be taking on my friend Adam. I finished painting up the little ratty bastards not too long ago. I'll have a stab at the High Elves one of these days, but that may require that I learn a new painting technique as my current one would make them look far to grubby for elves. (Let's face it, in all the fiction, mud doesn't stick to elves). Meanwhile, if they have to fight, I have a force of Beastmen eager for battle.

I already had painted 20 Skaven clan rats for our RPG games, so they've been included into the force, which now looks quite impressive.

Here's the Warplock engineer, the Poison Gas mortar team and the Warpfire thrower team.

The master moulder who "controls" the Rat Ogres

And one of the Rat Ogre's itself

I'm rather pleased with the rusty metal look I achieved. Silver, then a wash of black, then another of brown. Then a drybrush with some nice rusty orange and now they look suitably like tetanus waiting to happen. 


Al said...

You have some very good stuff, I like the Rat Ogres

Anonymous said...

It's an impressive army, Kiwi!