Monday, January 24, 2011


I got tired of trying to freehand banners for my empire forces, so did these in Adobe Illustrator tonight. The end result is about 3 x 3 cm and they look very nice when printed. A couple of them are drying right now on standard bearers flag poles.

The two headed eagle, the mermaid and the weapons were all done by me in Illustrator, but I cheated and copied/traced them from other resources. The town name Edenburg is a very long winded pun on the colours of Nordland. They're the same as a province in NZ called Otago, the main city of which is Dunedin, a Celtic translation of Edinburgh. And they say a joke you have to explain isn't funny.


Paul said...

Fantastic work! Very professional. Nice colours as well.

Paul´s Bods said...

They ARE good !! As Paul has said, very professional

west1871 said...

That does look the nuts mate!Your in the wrong job.

Cheers Rich.

ModernKiwi said...

Bollocks. I just noticed that Musket's has been hyphenated. Now I'll have to do a reprint.