Monday, January 31, 2011

Doooooooom Wheel

The latest addition to my Skaven army, the Doom Wheel (or as I like to call it, th' Dooooooooom Wheel in a fake Scottish accent). As it's a vehicle, it's also about as close as I'm likely to get in participating in Truck Month.

It's a fairly easy kit to assemble, but you really have to do 90% of the painting before removing it from the sprue. It'd be no fun trying to paint the interior after assembling it.

Rusty metal done with my usual technique of silver plus black wash plus brown wash plus a dry brushing of rusty orange in selected locations.


Paul said...

Looks evil! (Insert evil laugh here)

Anonymous said...

Cool work man, where do you find such stuff?

Paul´s Bods said...

I actually had a look at one of these in the local Games workshop store. I thought about getting paint for fun but after considering all the detail I didn´t.
You´ve done a really great job on it, certainly braver than I am to tackle it.

ModernKiwi said...

Thanks gents. It was a lot of fun to build and no-where near as complex as it looks. Even GW's instructions weren't too hard to follow and I am notorious for not reading the instructions until I'm 5 steps past the "too late" point.