Monday, January 10, 2011

Mystery Wagon finished and a new project

The Mystery Wagon for our Warhammer RPG games is now finished. Here's a couple of shots including one with the whole team (and Rations the dog).

And a new project I am starting on. These are Pegasus Waffen SS, or at least some of them. I don't seem to have the full set and so I've thrown in a couple of extras from other sets. Those that know me will know that under normal circumstances I don't do WW2 Germans, but I'm making an exception for these are they've been commissioned by someone else.

So far, I've just based them (on 10 cent pieces). Next up undercoating and then I'll see what kind of a result I can get with the Waffen SS cammo.


Thanos said...

Good luck with you blog mate!
Many wishes from a thankful guy from Greece!

Paul said...

Great work! A good choice of German figures, does the addition of the Revell late war Germans mean these are set for the 44/45 timeframe?

I like the fact that rifles dominate your poses rather than SMG's!

It will be interesting to see how these develop.

Regards Paul

ModernKiwi said...

Thanks for the comments guys. The Revell figures were left over from the last commissioned work I did (for the same guy), so I'll do them up separately in Ardennes white.

Most annoying thing about the older Pegasus figures was the lack of a base, hence all the "borrowed" bases here.

Paul said...

Yeah the lack of bases has really put me off grabbing a set of these in the past.

Paul´s Bods said...

Warhammer eh? They look really good.
Welcome to the world of blogging Chris:-D

Sigmar said...

Excellent wagon ModernKiwi, I'll make sure I post it into the modeling competition. Don't forget to add the miniatures gallery to your favorites so you don't miss out on the voting.

Thanks for entering the competition.

my WFB blog

Steven Lloyd said...

Beautiful site. I run a little website at and noticed that you are painting some of Pegasus Hobbies' Waffen SS. Would you be willing to send me some of the digital photos so I could post them on my website? I will be glad to point people to your web site also. As you can imagine, I am trying to feature figures from Pegasus. You can reach me at Thanks for your consideration.
Best wishes,
Steven Lloyd