Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The inevitable bodge up

I spent the past couple of days putting together a second Doooooom Wheel for my Skaven. This thing was on track to look real good. I had a new recipe for wood that looks excellent, the metal would be rusty, the bronze stained, the works. Last night I finally glued on the first wheel in the only way you possibly can assemble it. And here is the result.

Upside down back to front rats in the wheels. I can't remove the wheels without damaging the whole unit and even if I could, I couldn't then remove and reset the rats without further damage. So instead it'll have to take to the battlefield as a monument to my "duh reading the instructions upside down" moment.


Paul´s Bods said...

I know little about this model. I´ve seen it built, but I´ve honestly never paid any attention to which way around the rats go. The one thing I can say, the paintjob on what to me looks a pretty fiddly and complex model is very good.

ModernKiwi said...

Thanks Paul. The little ratty buggers are supposed to be propelling the thing (yes I know, GW and the laws of physics don't go together that well), so they're supposed to be at the front.

peter said...

I like the result so far, even when it's not like you wanted it.
As Paul says, great paintjob!