Tuesday, February 7, 2012

50 Followers and a lot of undead

I somehow seem to have acquired 50 followers! Thank you all very much, I am deeply honored.

I haven't put anything new up on here for a while as the weather has been too crappy to take pictures. One of these days I really must acquire a lightbox. However, today the clouds vanished for long enough for me to take some pictures. They're all undead for the Dreadfleet based Warhammer RPG I've been GM-ing.

First up we have some Skellington marines. I would just like to say that I really really really dislike these figures, they snap and break if you look at them crosseyed, even with the strongest glue.

And next we have a trio of Crypt Horrors. These will count as the Ghoul King and his Leuftenants. I originally was going to paint them greenish like on the GW box art, but decided that flesh tones would look more ... disgusting.


Rodger said...

Nice painting and congrats on the 50!!

Mojo said...

Ugly beasts, but lovely paintjob :)

Al said...

Least they's Marines :)