Sunday, October 30, 2011

Knights of the Order of the Panther

I've been slowly painting up these Empire Knights as members of the Order of the Panther. Slowly because as figures they're really not that inspiring. Rumor control has it that they may be replaced next year with a new set which would be good since these have been in production since 1999 or 2000.

Anyway, almost done. Just need to tidy up them a little, print off a banner and add some flocking to the bases.

On a completely different note, I found this chap drowned on my back deck this afternoon. A fairly impressive example I must say.

About 5cm/2 inches in legspan...


Rodger said...

Very nice painting . You can keep the spider though.

Paul´s Bods said...

Nice knights....they look like they could be used in a lot of periods with a bit of tweeking.
Poor old incy wincy (or should that be poor 2 incy´s wincy...sorry bad attempt at a pun :-) )

west1871 said...

Great figures and bloody hell thats a big one mate!

Cheers Rich.