Sunday, June 26, 2011

State of the art bang bang

Well it would have been state of the art in about 1640 I'd say at a guess.

Somehow I ended up with 7 canons for my Warhammer Empire army. Normally I won't put anything on the battlefield unless it's painted and these have been unpainted for quite some time. I decided I'd put them on seperate bases each, with space on each base for the 3 crew the rules specify (they're really just wound counters). My brother made the round base that the canon sits on which can be rotated to point at the target.

Also, modelling health & safety tip of the day. That knife blade that is too blunt to cut plastic is still sharp enough to cut your fragile human flesh. This message bought to you by "Ouch damn, that's a lot of blood".


Paul´s Bods said...

Isn´t that why they say, "always cut with a sharp knife" Mind you...the number of times I´ve tried adding "realistic" blood effects to my models I can talk.:-D

I like that cannon...the round base for it..???...a neat idea..I´ll have to do that one

argos said...

Great mortar! I digg your basing on it.
Those things are deadly in combat. Youch. Large templates hurt.