Saturday, April 30, 2011

Waffen SS Update

I've been continuing to work on the Waffen SS, and am getting pretty close to completion. Webbing and flesh, plus various washes left to be done and that's about it.

A couple of group shots. There should be approx 50 figures when I am done.


Al said...

Swish mate, nice work:)

CarloAntonio said...

Nice look friend !!! This will be an example for me

Paul´s Bods said...

!!! I think you should hold a mini comp..."spot all the makes I have used" They all combine really well, I didn´t spot there was different types until I started looking closely. Good work so far...I know what you mean about the cammo...I´ve had a bash at it ...I won´t be having another go.

Paul said...

Lovely work. Really good range of figures.

Anonymous said...

That's coming along nicely

Thanos said...

Looking very good so far there mate!
Keep on the great work!!!