Monday, October 15, 2012

They came from the north

Out of the chaos wastes of the north - daemons. Some figures I've done recently for our Warhammer RPG gaming - these cover the most commonly encountered daemons. Not that any daemon is common and they're certainly not fun to confront.

First up, Father Nurgle's favourite children. I just love these figures, the faces are so full of mirth.

Blood, blood for the blood god etc etc. Kind of monotonous these Khorne Bloodletters. Gobs of blood added with a mix of red/public and then a large slathering of Tamiya Clear Red.

And last (and certainly not least) prancing accross the battlefield are these Daemonettes of Slaneesh. Blonde naturally as blondes have more fun. Like the Nurglings and the Bloodletters, their bases also have splashes of ... stuff, but it's pretty much impossible to see in the photo.


Paul´s Bods said...

I really like the little green demons :-D

west1871 said...

Cracking figures mate, and good to see your still alive Chris.

Daisy Gowan Ditchburn said...

nice little guys, they are all beautifully ugly

Thanos said...

Id go for the green deamons (I have a taste for green)....nice work! :)